The Don'ts Of Spring Fashion


We've all seen first hand a major fashion don't while in public...and there might have been a moment where we had been sporting a fashion don't. Since spring has excitedly approached, I thought it'd be helpful to give a little insight on what not to do this season. I've been seeing more and more of these five major don'ts lately - and I just can't stand it anymore. It's time for some of us to get on track and be remembered for what we do well in our outfits rather than what we don't.

1. Bronzer and Blending

 It's spring or summer and you didn't have the fortunate opportunity of soaking up the sun on a sandy beach, so you eye the bronzer in the aisle and think, "No one will ever know." WRONG. When your face doesn't match the rest of your body's natural color you know you've gone too far. If you absolutely need bronzer, know how to correctly apply it. Nothing is worse than have a big orange line trailing on your jawline. This isn't the time to color inside the lines, so DO blend your make up outwards so it nicely blends into your natural tone. 

2. The Root Of The Problem
It's important to always stay in touch with your roots in life - and that means your hair roots too. All I've seen lately is bleach blondes that need to get in touch with their dark roots. It may look artistic in a magazine, but once you venture out into the real world it's hard to drag your eyes away from - and not in a pleasant way. So DO skip the shopping and take a seat at the salon instead.

3. Muffin Tops
 Love handles, muffin tops, coin slots, whatever you wanna call it - it's time to put it away. With crop tops and jean shorts barreling back into our lives, muffin tops are coming back into view. No one body is the same, we don't all have the luxury of slappin' on some low rise jeans without a little spillage over the sides, just because you can button it doesn't mean it fits. There are ways to hide it. High waisted shorts or jeans, flowy tops, and intriguing patterns are all lovely little things for spring - and to hide your little bakery delicacy.

4. Wear for the Weather 

It's forty - fifty degrees out, you see the short shorts in your closet, do not pick them up. No matter how tempting the increasing temperature outside may be, wearing your shorts or sundresses too soon can make you look incredibly out of the ordinary. Would you wear a swim suit out in the snow? No. So don't skimp on the material until you sense the time is absolutely perfect. 

5. We all hate cliff hangers

Nope, this cliff hanger doesn't leave me in suspense and wanting more - toe hangers have me back tracking to get away from the sight. Spring brings open toed shoes (which I cannot wait to wear out again) but seeing someone's toes hit the pavement before their shoes do can make you rethink your shoe choice. No matter how pretty your spring shoes are from last season - if they don't fit, get rid of them as fast as you wanted to get rid of all that cold weather. Oh, and don't forget to get a pedi before you debut your toes. Nobody wants to see what's been hibernating in those boots all winter.

What are some of your fashion pet peeves that you're hoping to avoid this spring? Let me know in the comments below.  

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