About Me

My name's Ann and I'm incredibly obsessed with fashion and all the latest trends it brings. I am an avid reader, a photo taking fanatic, and a girl who posses an immensely strong love for writing, nutrition, and style. My deep passion for exploring the world of fashion inclined me to develop Step Inside My Closet.

Step Inside My Closet is a lifestyle and fashion blog committed to sharing top trends, style, beauty, and health tips in a fun and fresh online environment. From high fashion to budget friendly looks for today's modern girl, a variety of styles can be found on Step Inside My Closet. 

My blog continuously allows me to spread my knowledge of the topics I love and at the same time it pushes me to attain new tips and tricks that are developed everyday. 

Step Inside My Closet is not only a closet that is full of clothing to transform into confident boosting outfits, but is is chock full of anything the extra ordinary girl would want to know. With that, I invite you to step inside my closet. 

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