Baby, It's Hot Outside


 As summer slowly comes to it's highly unanticipated ending, many people like me are soaking up the sun to get that nice glowing tan. The last few days have been so pretty out, and the perfect weather for a staycation at home. So, I pulled my favorite green and blue beach bag from The Shopping Bag and my blue Vera Bradley towel, and headed out into into the heat. This turquoise fringe swimsuit from Elite Fashion Swimwear has got to be my favorite bikini in my closet. It's so fun and boho-y that I just can't get enough of it! I adore the small cutouts on the bottoms and the way the fringe on the top piece moves when you move. So cool! When taking a break from tanning, I let the shade come to me by putting on my floppy beach hat from Marhsalls. This hat was such a great find, I adore the shell pieces around the top giving it a beach vibe. Why not catch up on some reading while you tan? I always reach for Wear Sunscreen A Primer For Real Life by Mary Schmich. This book is one of my many favorites, reminding everyone to appreciate life and to live each day like it was your last. You can listen to it in a video here. To keep up with the boho look that the bikini gave off, I slipped on my jewel bangles and turquoise drop earrings from The Shopping Bag.  These two accessories are perfect together, and the bright colors can really bring out your tan.

Along with their gorgeous accessories, The Shopping Bag also carries home decor, clothing, beauty essentials, and more! I genuinely adore all the items The Shopping bag carries. My shopping bag is practically filled to the rim when I'm done shopping on their site! Plus, for all my lucky followers, you can use the discount 'Closet25' to get 25% off your entire order! How spectacular is that?

 One thing I love to use while tanning is my Moroccanoil dry body oil. I love Moroccan products so much. The smell is absolutely amazing, and this body oil leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth! By the end of the day I relax outside with my favorite summer drink, Nestea Iced Tea, giving cheers to this summer!

Swimsuit: Elite Fashion Swimwear
Hat: Marhsalls
Bracelet: The Shopping Bag
Earrings: The Shopping Bag
Towel: Vera Bradley (Similar)
Bag: The Shopping Bag
Spray: Moroccanoil

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by The Shopping Bag; all opinions are my own!

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