Top Five Summer Fragrances

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There are many different aspects to create an outfit, and to me, the scent you wear is an important one. Everyone has their go to scents, and I always enjoy picking a new scent that goes along with each outfit I wear. I wanted to share my fabulous five summer scents that I absolutely adore this summer! 

1. Privet Bloom by Hampton Sun is summer in a bottle. This scent has me going crazy! The bottle is simple, but the smell is out of this world! All bottled up is sun tan lotion, salty ocean air, including all the smells you'd pick up on the beach wrapped up in a fresh scent! I highly recommend this perfume for the last bit of your summer! 

2. Lola by Marc Jacobs is a perfume that is explained entirely by the bottle. It's a bit of a heavier scent, one that you can use sparingly. It's got a flowery smell but not one that smells really artificial and over powerful. This scent is great for going out. Plus, the bottle is just darling!

3. Twirl by Kate Spade is my favorite scent from Kate Spade. It's pretty light and contains my favorite fruit, watermelon, which intermingles with blackberry and an assortment of flowers. I also use the body wash I love this scent so much! Since it's called twirl, I can't help but spin while putting it on!

4. Summer by Burberry is obviously on my list of summer fragrances. This perfume definitely embodies summer, containing moss, water lily, and rose. It gives off a nature-y smell, but gets citrusy with green apple and citrus. Why not use a perfume called 'Summer' during summer anyways?

5. Sexy Little Things by Victoria's Secret is a perfume that makes you feel great when you spray it on. I've never met a person who doesn't love perfume bottles like the one this perfume comes in. You can really smell all the fruits that are in the perfume, but yet the flowers that are in it over power the fruits just a bit. It's a warm kind of scent, and makes you feel like a sexy little thing putting it on for a night out!

I've given you my top five summer scents, so tell me yours! What's your go to scent to spritz on before dashing out the door?

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