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Oh, summer, why are you leaving so soon? My last lazy summer Saturday has got me writing scribbles of my favorite things about summer, which includes creating this blog! My last school free Saturday has me sporting some serious denim. Sure, no one I've met really likes overalls, but the way Charlotte Russe added some stylish crochet detailing on the straps of these short overalls, I simply couldn't resist. To keep the overalls the main center of attention, I put on a simple Abercrombie & Fitch basic white tank. Solid color tanks are a closet essential! Also, right now on Abercrombie's website, you can get 25% off your entire order, and 50% jeans for your new school year, whoo!

Okay, I've been dying to get a pair of these welt lace up booties, and the day has finally come where I have a floral Charlotte Russe pair! I think they go great with the overalls. It gives the outfit a different look - not getting too country with the overalls! This pair of boots is also only available online.

To fit in with my back to school scribbles, I put put on my composition notebook necklace. This necklace pretty much sums me up, since I love to write. Still going with the writer theme, I slipped on my ModCloth punctuation rings. These are so cute! I just can't believe how much I'm in love with these rings! Plus all orders over $50 get free shipping. My last writing accessory was the all important pencil, featuring "Handwritten Notes" on the pencil in gold, these are the perfect and cutest pencils to bring to school!

To get some summer spirit in my outfit I put on my darling flower studs from The Shopping Bag. Pretty cute right? You can get them on their website and get 25% of your entire order with their back to school sale! Enter the code SCHOOL at checkout. Now that's how to end your summer, a shopping spree! 

Hopefully your summer was spectacular, and may your new year be amazing! 

Overalls: Charlotte Russe
Rings: ModCloth

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  1. This outfit is stunning. The overalls are so cute, and the photography is really good, what do you use?

    Harian x.

  2. You have an amazing blog! This photos are gorgeous :)
    I'm now following you would be happy if you stopped by my blog and followed! You wont regret ;) x

  3. oh my god, the acessories are super cute,+_+