Victoria's Secret Dreams


Yawn! A rainy day outside calls for a cozy nap inside, and luckily my shopping haul from Victoria's Secret came in handy. My bed is probably my favorite place in the entire world, isn't it everyone's bed their favorite place too, though? From reading, to flipping through the latest magazines, to catching some shut eye, it's the most relaxing and serene place I adore. So, I thought I'd give my favorite place a little make over. Victoria's Secret has just come out with new bedding, and I couldn't resist getting a whole chevron bedding set. I've always admired Victoria's Secret Pink's body pillows, and now being the owner of two, I can attest that they are the cutest things in the world...not the mention super comfy too! I love my new "Dream On" pillow, because who wouldn't want to dream in this cute bedding? To store away any extra pillows, including my lovely Harry Styles and One Direction pillows, I use my super cute Victoria's Secret PINK dorm trunk set, the perfect thing to pretty up underneath your bed!
Although the cute bedding supplies most of the comfort, pajamas are the next most important thing. My new Victoria's Secret seriously smooth satin chandelier printed pajamas, do the trick. These pajamas are the greatest thing, and feel amazing on your skin. I'm all about satin, since my latest obsession with satin pillow cases, satin pajamas have taken their place. After catching a few Z's I wake up to a shower. To wake my hair up I use Victoria's Secret Strong and Shiny shampoo. This shampoo smells good, and gets my hair looking shiny and picture perfect. Next, I take a coat of Victoria's Secret PINK pink nail polish, which is the perfect VS PINK pink that I have been looking for, for what seems like forever. Last I pop in addicting VS mints and I'm ready for the day! The best part about this haul is that with your purchase you get a VS Getaway bag! It's very spacious, and not to mention adorable!

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Sweet dreams!

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  1. Love the decor around your bed, looks so cozy and chic!

    1. Thanks so much! I wanted to make it the perfect place to unwind at the end of the day!