App Of The Month: Walk In My Closet

Step Inside My Closet, meet Walk In My Closet, and app that literally lets you venture into the closets of the most to the least well know fashionistas out there. 

I discovered this app from getting an account on Walk In My Closet's actual website which allows you to further engage in the fashion world. From posting your outfit of the day, a few faves from your own closet, showing off your inspiration on your mood board, and checking out others closets and mood boards you can also shop designer consignment pieces from all over the world that are in immaculate condition. So really this app is any fashion fan's cup of tea. Go to their website and you too can sell your own luxury pieces that just don't bring a sparkle to your eye anymore.

Not only the app is fun, but the website has got me glued to my computer reading interviews from fashion icons and trends that are making their debut, which is pretty nice considering New York fashion week just coming to a dizzying end and London Fashion week still bringing on the endless ooo's and awwww's.

But it's time to go make your closet, and while you're at it, step inside my closet by clicking here!  

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  1. I'll have to try this! It's such a great idea and probably as close as I'll ever get to the closet on Clueless :)
    xx, TT