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Happy June, everyone! I honestly cannot believe that it's already officially the summer season. A lot has happened over the month of May and I've captured it all on my Instagram (@StepInsideMyCloset). So it's time for an Instagram round up! Here's a collection of my favorite snapshots from this month!

1. Bean! My little french bulldog loves some attention from the camera, and is always giving me some majorly funny faces. Just looking at this picture now makes me giggle! You can even see more of Bean on her own Instagram - @DailyDoseOfBean.

2. Donuts please! I I really have to explain this shot? Donuts are like a mandatory food group to me...

3. Bringing Glam To The Golden Arches! This outfit post showed how I brought some sassy style to Micky D's for some scrumptious french fries! Yum.

4. This Picasso In The Park outfit post made me swoon. I love all the colors of the dress and how well all the accessories came together. Definitely showing off a summer time vibe!

5. I got a little sassy by showing off one of my favorite mugs from my shop, A Cup Of Quotes. This I'm Prada You're Nada puts sass and style together perfectly!

6. Natural to glam with just a few products, my Glam Guidance post showed you all of my tricks and tips when it comes to my beauty routine.

7. Road trip time! I was so excited to receive this lovely package from The Shopping Bag by being apart of their Styles To Take You Miles summer road trip. I am absolutely elated to be apart of this campaign and can't wait to show you guys the head to toe look I'll be rocking from The Shopping Bag later this summer! 

Want to see more? Make sure to follow me on Instagram - @StepInsideMyCloset. You can see more of my daily life on my Snapchat too - @SInsideMyCloset!

Talk to you soon! 
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