Little Black Dress


As Karl Lagerfeld said, "One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a Little Black Dress." I took this quote into consideration when choosing my outfit for a dance full of wonderful memories to remember.
The main attraction of this outfit was obviously the simple black dress from Allison Parris. I love the tutu aspect of this dress because it gives the little black dress a fun flair. Accessories were my favorite part of this they say, diamonds are a girls best friend. My bracelet came from Lulu Frost and I absolutely adore it. It was perfect underneath the lights, and caught the eye of many. Since I decided to toss my hair to the side, my vintage earrings from Ciner had the perfect spotlight for the night. I loved how the bracelet and the earrings really went together, and didn't take away from the dress.  Of course, my favorite thing in the! My feminine black lace heels came from Nine West. These heels were the perfect height and had the perfect look for the dress. My crown clutch made me feel like a queen from Serpui Marie. It was easy to open and the fringed handle made it easy to carry throughout the night. I adored the black crowns on top of it too, how royal. I've been longing to blog lately, but have been engulfed by an incredibly busy schedule. However, now it's time to dive into some fun fall favorites as we enter the chilly seasons, my favorite! Hopefully you get all dolled up soon and pull out your little black dress.

Dress: Allison Parris
Earrings: Ciner
Bracelet: Lulu Frost
Shoes: Nine West
Clutch: Serpui Marie

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  1. I LOVE LOVE your LBD. It is super chic and elegant. You are super photogenic!
    Love your new blogger friend,