November's Favorites

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With the chill in the air, cheery music playing, and sparkly new products making their debut - it must mean that the holidays are just around the corner. As soon as I saw that one radio station completely dedicated to Christmas songs, my wish list for Christmas day began springing into my head. So, with that I decided to create my monthly favorites - from what I have and what I'm currently ooooing and awing over. 

1. Kate Spade 'Eat Cake For Breakfast' Journal: If you haven't seen my new Eat Cake For Breakfast bag, then you wouldn't know my current obsession with this phrase. I was delighted to receive this fun journal, with simple gold letters telling me to eat cake for breakfast. The inside front cover is filled with gold polka dots and then hundreds of lined sheets of paper waiting for me to unload my mind of it's thoughts. 

2. lights, camera, flashes Tarte Mascara: This mascara entered my life through one of my lovely Birchbox arrivals. The fun gold casing catches your eye, but the mascara makes your eyes look camera ready - lights, camera, flashes! 

3. J. Crew Metallic Glitter Belt: The perfect touch to an outfit in desperate need of some...shazam!

4. Butter London The 444 Nail Lacquer: I'm definitely the kind of girl who goes gaga over nails. Your nail polish is basically just another accessory to boost up your outfit. The color of this polish is gorgeous, it looks like the bubbly champagne glasses clinking together on New Years. That and a bit of sparkle, which is an added plus for anything.

5. 'Dress To Impress' Kate Spade Shirt: Is there anything that I need to say about this shirt other than OMG? I love these kinds of shirts that are so simple, but make your heart flutter at the first site of it. For any fashionista, this is basically our motto. Number one on my wish list for sure! 

6. Harrison Striped Phone Case from Kate Spade: I have an odd obsession of changing up my phone case a lot more often than I should. Seeing all the cute phone cases from Kate Spade like this one certainly doesn't help my obsession. It's just another reason to take out your phone - to admire your glitzy case!

7. The Shopping Bag's 'Ann Crystal Bib Necklace': Not only did the name of the necklace make me adore it, but the crystals and simplicity of the necklace snatched up my heart. This is the perfect necklace for your holiday parties, and the one necklace everyone will be talking about. Your whole outfit should revolve around this lovely piece. Plus, an added bonus is the necklace is only $30!

8. Brian Lichtenberg Feline Beanie: I've seen these beanies all over Tumblr and on popular celebrities, which makes my longing to get one in my hands even stronger. So quirky and cute, I love it. 

9. Prada Candy Perfume: This perfume is just like it's title, sweet like candy. I like to compare the scent to a hard candy, sweet on the outside, but once you break it open it evolves into a delicate and elegant smelling perfume. Lovely!

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