Fourteen 2014 New Years Resolutions

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5...4...3...2...1...Happy New Year everyone! It's hard to believe that a whole 365 days have come and gone and we are all about to embark on a whole new chapter in our lives. With a new year comes new determinations and a slew of people are bracing themselves to begin their well thought of New Years resolutions. Since New Years resolutionaries start strong in the beginning, some fade away in procrastination in the hopes of next year, the year to finally get it right. Being one of those people myself, I thought it'd be helpful to give some tips on how to get started on some of the more popular and more sought after resolutions and goals to be started this year. What's your resolution? 

1. Catch Some More ZZZ's 
It's the heaviness that graces our eyes at the end of the day, the tense bones that relax at the touch of a warm cover, its sleep - what everyone wants more of this year. Whether it's going to bed earlier or catching a glimpse of the sunrise, 2014 is the year to transform your sleeping habits. One mistake that I know I've made is starting to trying to wake up or go to bed too early. If you stay up celebrate the new year then immediately attempt to wake up the next day at 5 in the morning - it's just not going to happen. Baby steps! Start off in half an hour increments. Used to that? Now start increasing how early you get up or go to bed and you'll quickly be at the time you aimed for. Now all you have to do is get used to that time. Go to bed early, wake up early, it's all pretty simple. Just remember that it's okay to hit that snooze button every once in awhile.

2. Fashion Forward
A new year means new fashions, so it's time to get your closet and your outfits into gear. Lately the days have been long and at night any energy that you have left is certainly not going to be put to the next day's outfit - but more to being able to get your head on your pillow for a good nights rest. It's time to change all that, because the early morning scurry for a cute and probable outfit can wear on you. Take time with your outfit. Style is an art, and Monet and Van Gogh certainly didn't scribble something down and expect everyone to love it. So take that bit of energy and plan your outfit down to the last accessory. Think about your make up too, and what you might do with you hair instead of messing around with that too. Don't forget - have fun and express who you are through those fabulous fabrics.

3. Healthy Is Happy
As everyone munched on their festive dressed up cookies and cakes this holiday season, many think that with the new year there should be a new healthier snack to reach for. To not sound cliche and like any other fitness fanatic, becoming healthy is not to be looked at as just a phase to get your dress size down - it should be looked at as a lifestyle makeover. It takes time, perseverance, sweat, and determination. Cut out the junk food, reach for the water, and blow off the dust from those fun fitness DVDS that you've been meaning to try. It won't happen in minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months, but eventually it will become easier. Just remember to commit to your healthy change, but don't make being healthy a prison. Although yourself those cheat days! It keeps your mood, taste buds, and metabolism happy.

4. Shopinista Savings
I'm no one to talk about spending too much money. But shopping has become much easier with online products being delivered right to your door ready to wear or use, you just can't help it. The sales and get one get three deals outside of the interwebs get you filling up that shopping cart just as much. But save that money for things you need. That doesn't mean that you cut yourself off from getting that cute top in the window, but holding back every once in awhile will make getting an item that much more satisfying, and so will the feeling you get when you see your balance as well.

5. New Years Nervous Habits
For years I have been repeatedly trying to rid myself of the horrible habit of picking my nails. It's a nervous thing than many people exhibit. "Your nails are going to look so good," I see myself saying almost every month as I coat them in strengthener, imagining the pretty french manicure that will grace my long nails. "What have you done?" I then realize when I find myself picking at what was going to be my achieved goal. It's easier said then done, but it's time to find a new better habit than this. Whether it's putting in a piece of gum, sticking in that few minutes of yoga, or stopping to examine why you're doing the habit - it's gotta stop. Take this journey with me this year to stop that small habit that gets you into trouble with yourself every time.

6. Don'tcha Know That You're Toxic?
It's time to stop playing the Britney tune and look around at those who are there for you in life. Its time to realize that instead of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer - release those enemies to make room for more friends that you can now become closer with. Toxic people in your life are a downer on your mood. Would you rather have people who don't support you and make you miserable in life or to be happy? I think the answer is pretty clear. This year make room for new relationships to blossom and pluck out the flowers that cease to bring a smile to your face. 

7. Unplug
With cell phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc. we find ourselves more invested in what others are posting about their lives and the people in them rather than our own. This year it's time to unplug from the bright screens and get connected with those who surround you. Start small, by simply turning off or leaving your phone somewhere else when you're at dinner. Then start by not getting on the computer before going to bed. It's no secret that I'm guilty of sitting in bed endlessly blogging - which I found out can seriously mess up your sleeping habits. Time for a change!

8. Make Time For Meditation 
Spread out that yoga mat and let the worries in your mind slowly fade away, 'cause it's time to meditate. We've all heard the wonders it does for your mind and mood, so now is the time to start becoming the believer. Although I personally have not tried going deep into meditating, I'm making this one of my resolutions. Yoga has opened my eyes into a world of calm and peace. I never realized that just focusing on breathing in and out can let you float away from any anxieties or stress that you face. Start by picking out a mantra. Or if you'd just rather focus on breathing and letting your thoughts float by - that's the option I'm shooting for.

9. Oh, Organization 
Organization can come in various forms. From your time, to your room, to your closet, to simply your overall life. 2014 just may as well be the right year to organize. Start from managing your time from when you wake up to organizing your closet so you can pick those shiny new year outfits. 

10. Snap And Scribble
You know we've all wanted to start that journal documenting our day or take more pictures with that camera that you got at Christmas, but we all find ourselves falling short. So go out and buy yourself a cute little journal and a nice pen and write down what happened in your day - the highs and the lows. 

11. Signature Feature
We all know that one person that wears the certain color of lipstick everyday, that wears the certain perfume that everyone loves, well it's time for you to be that person. Personally I wish that I had Cara Delevingne's statement brows - but don't we all. Start with a scent and work your way up. What will your signature be?

12. Break Out Of Your Shell
This resolution is a big one for me this year. A shy girl by day and a rambling blogger by night is a personality I can't live with another year. That's why I'm encouraging myself with baby steps. From simply telling that stranger hello or actually voicing my opinion, it's going to be the start of something new.

13. Travel
The title explains its all, really. Traveling doesn't mean that you have to board a plane to Europe (which by all means would be nice) but it could simply be to drive a bit further where you live to a city or place  that you haven't experienced. But if you save up from the resolution above, a lovely trip to some place warm or foreign is foreseeable this year.

14. Queen of Procrastination
Where's my crown? It seems that this year procrastination was my only action through the year. From homework, cleaning, to even blogging I simply couldn't muster up any self motivation at times. If you're like this too I say we make a change this year  today. You need to do something? Do it now. No, no, not tomorrow or Monday - in the moment. That's what needs to happen this year in order to make 2014 great - a little less procrastination and a little more determination.

My biggest resolution this year is to become a better blogger. I am tickled to have such lovely followers and talks with other bloggers like me. I hope you and your resolutions make it far this year, and may 2014 bring you happiness. Happy New Year! 

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  1. Fantastic goals for the new year and life in general! Good luck!

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