The Dont's Of Summer Fashion

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I've given my fair share of major don'ts for spring fashion, but now that summer has come into full have some summer fashion don'ts. From head to toe, beauty and fashion, it's time to indulge in the unglamorous sights that sneak out into public.

1. Daring To Show Your Delicates

I see London, I see France, I don't want to see your underpants! Backless dresses, tank tops, white clothing, and so much more skin start coming out to play during the summer time heat - but lets keep our undies to ourselves, yes? No matter how pretty, patterned, or bright your panties maybe, I'd rather not see what's giving you a wedgie. If you're wearing daring short shorts or even cute white shorts or skirt, turn the color volume down and keep with the basic nude or white color tones.

...but lets not forget about the upstairs. It's like a fashion horror film playing out before my eyes when I see girls wearing backless tanks or dresses...and decide to leave their bra in open view for the world to see. If nobody wants to catch a glimpse of a side-boob, no one wants to see what's covering it up either. There are millions of strapless, backless, you name it, bras out there that you can wear when your go-to bra isn't doing you justice.

2. Hair...down there?

It's time for a trim...downstairs. This don't was hard to find an example of...and I think that's because everyone pretty much agrees about it. There is no way of sugar coating this, no one wants to see whispys coming out of your bikini bottoms. Pickin' up what I'm puttin' down? Good. Trim it up, wax it off, frankly, I don't care as long as it's not in my view. That itsy bitsy teenie weenie whatever bikini is called itsby bitsy for a teenie weenie reason - it's not going to cover those overgrown wild ones trying to catch a glimpse of the summer sun.

3. Leave the buns in the bread basket
So we've talked about not showing your undies, but obviously people don't know the difference between shorts and wearing denim underwear. If your shorts are short enough to show that crescent moon of your butt cheek, it's time to invest in another pair. Do what you want with the cheeky look on the beach where you're trying to get your tan on, but out in public is not the place to see how little fabric you can get away with. Leave those baker buns and crescent rolls in the bread basket where they rightfully belong.

4. And this little piggy was a hot mess

I was glad that my toes got to see the light of day after being stuffed into boot after boot this winter, but that was before I saw the chipped winter polished toes squishing around in summer flip flops. I can understand chipped nails, whether it's a habit you can't kick or a rough day, but toe nails? It's bad enough seeing toes hanging over the edge of shoes, but to see a fully painted piggy besides a hot mess of a toe nail is nothing to prance around in the public eye.

Have a few don'ts that you want to rid the public of this summer? Instagram it, Tweet it, Facebook it, Pinterest it, whatever you like and tag me so I can see! Happy summer!

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