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It's the holiday season, everyone, and let's be real here - food is one of the main focuses of this season. Once December hits I know that my sweet tooth goes into over drive, so I decided to teach you guys my easy Frosty Peppermint Layered Milkshake. Lets make this a very sweet Sunday, cause trust me, this shake is extremely yummy! Be sure to check back each week as I share my favorite holiday treats during the month of December!

The recipe to this shake is incredibly simple and takes no time at all. I'll give you the recipe first and then some fun ways to spice up the appearance of the yummy treat. 


2 Cups Vanilla Ice Cream 

2 Cups Peppermint Ice Cream

1 Cup Milk Per Shake

 Peppermint candies / canes for topping

Chocolate Syrup for topping (Optional)

Since this is going to be a layered milkshake prepare two separate mixtures.
I like to start off making the vanilla layer by putting my ice cream and milk into the blender. Blend that all up until a smooth milkshake consistency manifests and keep from drinking the deliciousness until the end!

The next step would be putting your peppermint ice-cream and milk into a blender and blending it until smooth. 

Time to layer! Grab a glass of your choosing and pour one milkshake into the glass at a time, about half way for each milkshake.  I like to make sure that my peppermint ice cream ends up as the top layer because of the perfect holiday toppings that I have for this treat. Plus, the pink of the peppermint ice cream spreads so pretty throughout the shake, giving it a rosy holiday look.

OK, time for the fun part. While day dreaming about all the sweet things that come with the month of December, I stumbled across The Baker's Confections shop on Etsy. Their shop is a cook, baker, or party hosts' dream. I was especially excited by all of the dazzling prints, patterns, and colors that cover their straws, sprinkles, bags, cupcake liners, baking cups, and more. Yes, more!

With a line of eco-friendly baking utensils and a variety of baking tips and tricks, The Baker's Confections is even catching the eye of HGTV. With a blog, Etsy shop, and their new website filled with perfect products for all things food - it's going to be my go-to store for all my holiday parties. Someone ask you to bring a dish to a party? Make yours stand out with their products and perfect baking tips on their blog. All things are hand done by The Baker's Confections owners, Esther Holden and Shauna Osteen. It gives that extra special something to each and every product. Make sure to get your foodie goodies on their website:

Now, back to the shake! Top yours with a delicious chocolate syrup swirl, or crushed peppermint candies. I decided to give mine a festive holiday theme with The Baker's Confections Christmas Snowflake Red Paper Straws and Snowflake Sprinkles. OMG, I never liked sprinkles as a kid, but these sprinkles were so good I could put them on every sweet treat! The straws gave that perfect pinch of color to go along with the peppermint layers, and the snowflake sprinkles produced the winter wonderland theme that I was going for.

Couldn't forget the fashion! I'm wearing a cozy Olive & Oak sweater (similar) with my new favorite 360 Pearl Studs from The Shopping Bag!

Tell me in the comments what your favorite winter treat to make is and if you tried this one out!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by The Baker's Confections; all opinions are my own!

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