Nutella & Selfies Giveaway


Netflix & chill? More like Netflix and #Selfies! With only four more says until Christmas left, I wanted to make sure to give you all a present just in the knick of time! As the founder and owner of A Cup Of Quotes - I wanted to extend to you all the chance to win a limited edition holiday mug and an uber popular and classic Netflix & Nutella mug! With the festive colors of red and green, I thought that these mugs were the perfect pair to present to you as a holiday gift!

But don't think that I'm leaving your mugs high and dry! Included with the giveaway win is a Mini Marshmallow Hot Chocolate Spoon and a Peppermint Hot Chocolate spoon to utilize in your new favorite mugs! Trust me, these babies are totally #selfie worthy! 

Now here's how to win!

 Giveaway Instructions / Details:
  • The Netflix & Selfies giveaway will last until 12/24/15 at 12 PM EST.
  •  Starting today (12/21/2015) the giveaway will end on 12/24/2015 at 12 PM Eastern Standard Time.
  • The winner will receive all items listed above. 
  • In order to correctly get the chance of winning the items, you must complete each mandatory step in the giveaway below. Failure to complete a mandatory step will immediately disqualify you from being able to win the giveaway.
  • Non-mandatory entry items can earn you more points. The more points you get means achieving a better chance at winning the giveaway.
  • Once the giveaway has ended, the winner will be announced within 48 hours. The winner will be e-mailed alerting them they won.
Good luck! Merry Christmas!

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  1. Firstly I want to say I love your Santa pictures! This Christmas I'm hoping for a kitchenaid mixer! And makeup 😊

  2. Hoping Santa will bring me shoes and cosmetics! Happy Holidays and thank you for the giveaway!

  3. I hope to get a massage for Christmas!