Monthly Goodies - Part 1

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Socialbliss Style Box Review

Hello, gorgeous! Growing up, you know that the best part of leaving a party was the goodie bags. Why should getting goodie bags be limited to parties though? In my new series I'll be reviewing boxes of goodies delivered to your door each month. 

So, to kick this series off I'm introducing Socialbliss' StyleBox. Fashion insiders and trendsetters at SocialBliss specially curate a special box full of the latest and greatest fashion trends and pieces that everyone has their eyes on. The best thing though? It's full size, real deal, no sample size stuff. 

You're probably thinking that all this greatness comes at a cost though...and you're right. You can choose on their site to sign up for just one monthly box, three months of boxes, six months, or twelve months of boxes all in the $30 range. Honestly, the price is well worth it because I can guarantee you'll never be disappointed on what goodies are packed inside this stylish box of bliss. Plus, $30 is nothing to pay when each box is close to $100 or more in total value. 
Socialbliss Style Box Review

So now that you have a little background knowledge of SocialBliss, lets dig in to the latest box that landed on my doorstep. This box's theme was summer metallics! You know I love sparkle so this made me smile. The box ensures that every look for your summer holds the look of metallics so you no longer have to wait until the holiday season. 

First up from the glamorous goodies is the Metallic Melie Maven Bag. Framed with gold and sparkling with the metallic lust - this bag can actually be a clutch as well. Attached and tucked neatly inside is a gold chain that transforms it into a shoulder bag. While we're talking about the inside I might as well gush about the cute polka dot and gold metallic pattern that the inside is lined with. Adorable.

Perfect to keep inside the bag is the full size Oscar De La Renta Espirit D'Oscar Summer scent rollerball. This is a sparkling gold summer scent that I could use in one day. I'm tickled that SocialBliss introduced me to this scent because I'm definitely going to get more.

Jewels! Hot on this summer's fashion craze is body chains. Inside this box came the Bombshell Jane Body Chain Necklace. This chain can double as a body chain for your bikini or backless dress look, or as a necklace to jazz up a simple tee. 

I'm excited to try and incorporate this in my next outfit along with the "Drop Of Gold" Bead Earrings that also came with the box. Simple bead earrings like this are my favorite because they can go with any outfit you're wearing. 

Last in the box is an item that will brighten up your eyes and make them pop! Fit-To-Flare Lashes supplies several different fake eyelashes to enhance any make up look. 

Let me know if you're going to get your hands on one of these style boxes and sign up for a box full of glamorous goodies. 

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  1. I love the theme and I'm totally jealous of what you got! I think the selection is gorgeous <3