Back To School Backpack Essentials

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Back to School Backpack Essentials
Dun dun dun....yep, school season has arrived, my friends. Just because we don't have the hot summer days to lounge and be fabulous, doesn't mean we can't show off our cute and fashionable personas through our school essentials. In today's post I'll be unzipping my book bag and letting you see what this fashionista has got to have on her throughout the long strenuous school days ahead.

First things first! My book bag. Usually I'm not crazy over the generic shoulder strap book bags and like to spice it up once in awhile. What could be a tote to carry around with you all time can easily double as a book bag for me. That's why I use the Kate Spade 'Play Hooky' tote (#5) that I'm crazy over right now. It's the perfect ironic phrase for the school setting, dontcha think?

 Earphone Splitters and Organizers

I'm all for a scrumptious donut now and then, and have come to find out my obsession with the doughy pieces of heaven have moved to somewhere else than music. These cute multi colored donuts are actually earphone organizers (#6) so you don't have to go through the hassle of untangling your earphones during your day. You can get these cuties on sites like Amazon and more.
Cute + Efficient = Perfection

Another handy dandy essential to have on you for your earphones is Belkin's earphone splitter (#3). Nothing's worse than the awkward silence that ensues after you play a song or video too loud and end up playing it for the whole room instead of your group of friends. So here's the solution, everyone just plugs their earphones in (helps if your friend has dirty earphones...ew) and you can all happily enjoy turning the volume as loud as you want. 

 Touch Up Your Look Essentials

3. Gym. It's a fashionista's worst enemy weaved into your schedule everyday. Sweaty and smelly don't mix with the cute outfit you've got on and does the school really think you're going to shower there? Don't sweat it (ha!). Keep your smell to yourself and simply spritz on fresh's perfume (#2). This perfume is literally the best I've ever smelled when I want something simple and not overpowering. Imagine a warm spring day walking through flowers and then coming home to warm just smells like a fresh hug in a bottle. When I'm at school I like to use the rollerball and roll it behind my ears and on my wrists. 

4. Gym's over and it's after lunch. The food is gone...but the taste in your mouth isn't. Make sure you keep some kind of pack of mints or gum in your backpack at all costs. I love using Victoria's Secret peppermints (#4) because they get the job done and I'm a sucker for pretty packaging. it's happy bunny Mints are a great one too. The packaging is an extra bonus because it can silently let your friend know that they should maybe have a mint or two too. You can find both of these in stores near you!

5. But wait! The inside of my mouth is fresh, but my lips are awfully dry. I'm a huge fan of Eos lip balms (#8). Yet again the packaging is Tumblr trendy and they make my lips feel silky. My favorite is the sweet mint, just like the color the smell is minty too - making everything extra fresh.

6. My last touch up look essential is definitely Beauty Fixation Make Up Remover swabs (#1). These are incredibly useful for when your eyeliner smudges and spit quite doesn't do the trick. All you do is take a swab, snap one end, and remove any make up flaws with the now saturated end of the swab. I personally haven't used these to rid my entire eye of it's make up, but find they're a brilliant tool for touch ups. I first tried mine from Birchbox in their monthly box - but they sell them on their website for only five dollars! Um, yes please!

Taking Notes

7. My go to writing utensil when taking notes is usually just a regular old mechanical pencil, but once in awhile I like to jazz things up a bit. These quirky saying pencils are great to show off your personality. I found mine in a shop on Etsy, (#7) but I'm sure you could find these anywhere online with all different kinds of sayings that portray your quirkiness. Another great writing utensil to use is Kate Spade's pencil set and ink pen set

8. I've never used this next essential at school necessarily, but it is a lifesaver when you're getting your homework done. Saving the trees is just an added bonus that comes along with the Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet (#9)from The Shopping Bag. It's pretty much a digital whiteboard that you can clear with a click of a button. Write friends messages with it, solve out those tough equations, or keep it at home for your to-do lists. 

Hopefully your school year goes well and you strut down those hallways with all these extraordinary essentials and a boat load of confidence! Let me know what is a must have in your backpack by commenting below or tweet me @SInsideMyCloset

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