Monthly Goodies - Part 2

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This month I was delighted to see my mailbox holding a new monthly goodies box! This month's box is all about your nails, whether it's a mani or a pedi, Square Hue monthly box polishes will make your nails look totally fabulous. No fillers, no trial sizes, just pure full sized monthly trendsetting nail colors delivered promptly at your doorstep each month. SquareHue is special for not only the brilliant colors that they send out, but the cleverly designed nail polish bottles. Blank sides easily help you pick the color you are looking for instead of being surprised at the completely different nail color that comes out of a bottle. The top of the bottle was even designed to show you maximum color so you can see each color clearly when your bottles are organized. All the polishes are high shine and my favorite colors. For only $14.99 a month you're getting in season, fashion forward, full sized nail polishes to mix and match with your outfits and personality. Yeah, I know, it's pretty amazing.

But it doesn't just stop there. A portion of your monthly subscription payment is donated to organizations automatically by SquareHue. Change your nails, change the world.

This month made me feel like a rich kid of Beverly Hills with the Beverly Hills collection arriving in my mailbox. The colors included a pretty Wilshire Boulevard blue, a sparkly Rodeo Drive glitter, and dark pretty Canon Drive pink. Love!

I highly suggest you sign up now because Hue is sending out their The Passport Collection: Sydney, Australia nail colors soon!

Let me know if you sign up and of course tell me about a favorite monthly box that you stalk the mailman for! 
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