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Spread the Sparkle - One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer, Birthday, Concert, Tulsa Oklahoma

Can you believe that this is the final week of my Spread The Sparkle birthday giveaway? I hope that the beginning of your fall was special, because I know mine was even more than that. I spent the magical first day of autumn in Tulsa, Oklahoma to celebrate my birthday with One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer!

There's no denying it, I'm a major die-hard fan girl from head to toe, so  you can just imagine my sobbing, heart racing, girly screaming self when I landed fourth row to the concert. For me, it was a trip that was full of memories with a night that I will never let myself forget (I'm still re-watching the night through all the videos I took). OK, before I completely start rambling and giving a second by second description of the concert, I want to touch on some of the fun I had elsewhere in good ol' Tulsa.

After a few plane rides and lack of sleep from part excitement and utter exhaustion, I decided that I'd kick off my birthday with a little relaxation. But let's be real, I also wanted to get super pampered and all prettied up for the big night in front of me. So, I landed myself at Jnar's Hair Salon and Spa. You never truly realize how hectic and quick life is until you're put in a relaxing dark room lit by candle light. The moment I walked in I instantly relaxed. Done by the lovely Jnar herself, I first started with a facial that left my face feeling sweet and smooth. Then I decided to curl up my long locks so I could overwhelm the One Direction boys with my hair flip (get it?). If you ever find yourself in Tulsa, make it your first priority to stop at Jnar's. Not only is she talented, but Jnar is amazingly sweet and gave me a great start to my birthday trip!

Now that my outerself was soothed, it was time to soothe the soul with something that can put a smile on anyone's face...chocolate! I decided to stop at the highly recommended Glacier's Confection in downtown Tulsa. The sweet aroma of chocolate instantly hits you when you walk in the quaint family run shop, then the overwhelming decision of picking out what chocolate your heart desires kicks in. I was literally a kid in a candy store. Picking out a variety of sweet treats I left with a box full of chocolates, a smile on my face, and a growling tummy. Want some? You can shop their chocolates online!

I'll try to make this short and sweet, but in simple terms the concert was amazing. There are so many words that I can describe it as, and maybe I'm being a little too over dramatic about it all, but this fan girl was filled to the brim with excitement from the moment I arrived at BOK Center to the moment I left. You never truly realize that you're standing there a mere feet away from your idols until you're leaving. I'm sure I looked identical to all the other screaming and sobbing (yes, I cried, guilty!) girls around me, but I like to think that my Charlotte Russe sequin crop top made me stand out among the crowd. Paired with my Victoria's Secret shiny black leggings and comfy Michael Kor black flats, I was all over the place dancing and screaming. Pretty sure I made eye contact with five out of five boys, maybe I didn't, but in my mind I'll always be determined that they saw this fashion blogger go absolutely nuts.

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Spread the Sparkle - One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer, Birthday, Concert, Tulsa Oklahoma

 Time for your last chance to win a Spread The Sparkle goodie bag! I hope that you all have enjoyed the sparkle that has graced my blog this month, and I'm looking forward to next year so I can shower you all with glitter and sparkle again! 

Giveaway Instructions / Details:
  • The giveaway will last the whole month of September. 
  •  Each week a new giveaway winner will be announced. This week's giveaway winner will be announced October 6, 2014 on this post.
  • Each winner will win and receive a Spread The Sparkle goodie bag full of sparkling surprises for you to enjoy. 
  • In order to correctly get the chance of winning a goodie bag, you must complete each mandatory step in the giveaway below. Failure to complete and mandatory step will immediately disqualify you from being able to win the giveaway.
  • A new post will be uploaded each week hosting that week's giveaway for a Spread The Sparkle goodie bag. 
Congrats to Michelle McMullen!

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