Spread The Sparkle - Week 2


Step Inside My Closet - Spread the Sparkle Week 2
Welcome to week two of my Spread The Sparkle birthday giveaway! This week is all about chances as I move my birthday bash to Dave & Buster's for some mindless fun. The lights, the coins, the whole atmosphere emits the sparkle that this month embodies.

Last week I introduced you all to this month's Spread The Sparkle goodie bag giveaway in honor of September being this fashionista's birthday month. Yes, you read that right, this giveaway is lasting the whole month! Each week a new winner will be announced on that week's designated post. Last week was all about the big ol' birthday bash extravaganza, but this week's birthday theme is a little bit more relaxed, so sit back and enjoy an all around winning outfit.

I was Vogue-ing all around in my Vogue crop top during my play time around Dave & Buster's. This top was my favorite piece of this outfit. Anything with Vogue on it I am automatically attracted to, so I couldn't help getting this guilty pleasure while boutique shopping.

The typical Abercrombie & Fitch jeggings are also featured in this outfit, giving me the comfortable tight fitting fit for a long day of play. To add a bit of oo la la to these jeggings I slipped on my black Prada belt. By now if you've read my last few posts you would know that I am completely in love with this belt. I won't be missing it anytime soon, because it seems that I always have it on me!

Shoes! These Franco Sarto black heels were love at first site. They give that European-esque look to any outfit, which I absolutely adore. Usually I pair these heels with knee socks for a preppy look, but I decided to take this shoes to the arcade for some fun.

For jewels I decided to wear a sparkling rhinestone and chain necklace that I also purchased from boutique shopping. What can I say? There were a lot of good finds.

Now can I just say how fun Dave & Buster's was? This girl is all for a creamy milkshake, so I definitely indulged in a strawberry milkshake (whip cream and cherry please!) before I went through the sugar rush while running wild play games for some fun. We all need those outings where our minds aren't anywhere else but in the moment just having a good time.

Vogue Top: Similar Here!

Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch

Belt: Prada 

Shoes: Franco Sarto 

Necklace: Similar Here!

Bracelet: The Shopping Bag

Shop This Look: 

Step Inside My Closet - Spread the Sparkle Week 2

Step Inside My Closet - Spread the Sparkle Week 2

Step Inside My Closet - Spread the Sparkle Week 2

Step Inside My Closet - Spread the Sparkle Week 2

Step Inside My Closet - Spread the Sparkle Week 2

OK, time to get the ball rolling for a new giveaway winner this week!

Giveaway Instructions / Details:
  • The Spread The Sparkle giveaway will last the whole month of September. 
  •  Each week a new giveaway winner will be announced. This week's giveaway winner will be announced September 15, 2014 on this post and will be immediately contacted via e-mail.
  • Each winner will win and receive a Spread The Sparkle goodie bag full of sparkling surprises for you to enjoy. 
  • In order to correctly get the chance of winning a goodie bag, you must complete each mandatory step in the giveaway below. Failure to complete a mandatory step will immediately disqualify you from being able to win the giveaway.
  • Non-mandatory entry items can earn you more points. The more points you get means achieving a better chance at winning the giveaway.
  • A new post will be uploaded each week hosting that week's giveaway for a Spread The Sparkle goodie bag. 

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Good luck, and remember to make every moment sparkle.  

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  1. Your blog photos are always so fun and stylish! What type of camera do you use, if you dont mind me asking? Photo quality amazing!

    I also entered your fab giveaway this week, however when I try and complete the very first entry for the 'mandatory' entries (connecting on Blogger GFC) I get this error message: "were sorry.. We were unable to handle your request. Please try again or return a bit later."

    I hope this wont disqualify me! I have completed all other entries!!

    P.S. Happy Birthday Month !!! Mine was in August ;)

    Yours in Style,

  2. Fav birthday memory is when my older sister gave all my friends and I makeovers at my 13th birthday party

  3. Thank you for this giveaway :)


  4. Happy Birthday Month! My favorite birthday memory was taking a trip to Puerto Rico with friends! What an awesome giveaway. Love your posts and photos!

  5. All of my Birthdays have been good but I can't think of one that stands out any more so than the others. Maybe my 18th birthday was exciting because when I turned 18 I was legal to by alcohol so that was exciting back them. Thanks for this opportunity.