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Oh, what a month this has been! While we all get our red, white, and blue outfits prepared for the July 4th weekend ahead, I wanted to reflect on my first summer month...through Instagrams. Below are a few of my favorite snaps from this past month! 

1. Workout time! If you have followed me for awhile you would know that I am very passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle. Currently I am in the process of completing Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Guides. Finding her and her foam roller was the best thing to come across for my workouts. I was lucky enough to have this Instagram reposted by Kayla as well! Whoo! #KaylaMovement!

2. Queen City Style! This post is kind of different from the other outfit posts that I have shared on  my blog. Part of it is because I welcomed you into glimpse of my favorite city in my home state of Ohio. My favorite part of this look was the necklace from The Shopping Bag!

3. #Shoestagram. You know me and my shoes, we are a love that will never falter. These shoes two toned Nine West heels upgraded my whole Father's Day classic ensemble!

4. Beanie! I can't go too long without posting about my French Bulldog, Bean! This throwback photo had me reminiscing about her puppy days! She's been a diva since the moment we've met!

5. Eat (Cup)cakes for breakfast. After the Supreme Court decision, I think that everyone was in the mood to celebrate - so I did so with a sweet rainbow sprinkled cupcake!

6. My reading list is always changing, but this summer I had to reread Alexa Chung's book, IT. Her book is full of her fashion and beauty interests, and has really sparked some lovely ideas for me to change up an outfit or makeup look. Love!

7. I was not going to pass up the opportunity to celebrate national Sunglasses Day since I just bought a pair of Jessica Simpson cat eyed black sunglasses. These are so adorable and went perfectly with A Cup Of Quote's Meow Is The Time mug

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Here's to a new month!

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