Good Morning Beautiful

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Good morning beautifuls! I decided that this weekend would be all about pampering myself and getting revived for all the future summer activities ahead. What better way to start then a spa day at home? Farmhouse Fresh has the most sweet smelling and skin nourishing products to do the trick. To start off I cleansed my face with the Shea Sugar polish, which smells exactly like sugar with a distinct citrusy air about it. Next, I put on the Chocolate face mask which feels simply amazing going on, not to mention it made the chocolate crazy side of me get a hankering for chocolate as soon as I smelled it!  

Steps for the Shea Sugar Polish:

1. Wipe off any make up or dirt with a hot wash cloth.

2. Put some of the scrub onto hands and begin gently scrubbing your entire face.

3. Once whole face is scrubbed, simply take another hot wash cloth and wipe off the scrub.

Steps for Choclate Mask:

1. Take a mask brush and dip into the jar containing the mask.

2. Smear the mask on all parts of your face with the brush, remembering to cover your whole face.

3. Once the mask is completely dry on your face, wipe it off with a wash cloth.

Have fun and be fabulous,

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