New Year, New Looks: 2014 Recap

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Step Inside My Closet 2014 Recap

Happy 2015, everyone! I'm so excited for all the things that this new year will bring, along with all the new looks that will be popping up on Step Inside My Closet. These two years of running Step Inside My Closet have filled me with joy and have only fueled the passions that I incorporate into this blog even more. I feel incredibly fortunate to have such a lovely following, and hope that I accomplish my goal of helping others through my posts. May 2015 bring you health, happiness, and a  whole lot of style! Heres a look back at all of my looks from the duration of 2014. 

I can't say that I have a favorite look, so in honor of 2015, here are 15 of my favorite looks from this year. 

When this look was posted on Step Inside My Closet, I think it really was the start of me showing my complete obsession with anything sparkly. The Viktor & Rolf dress that I wear is still a dress that I hold near and dear to my heart. It's so subtle, but at the same time so extraordinary! 

The perfect outfit for Valentine's Day! The Wildfox Couture dress that I wear in this post is the ultimate girly must have. It's so cozy and comfortable, but at the same time it shows off a great girly and fun side. 

Hey, Y'all! OMG, this peach dress from The Shopping Bag can make anyone have a dainty southern girl side emerge. Paired with bright colored J. Crew flats and a white floral necklace from The Shopping Bag, this outfit is sure to pick up all those cute southern boys. 

The Wildfox chandelier top that I was wearing in this post really was brought to life by the sparkling Abercrombie & Fitch necklace I was wearing. It's an everyday look that was spiced up with shiny accessories! 

If I could wear a Reem Acra dress everyday then I would. This rose colored dress had me swooning and feeling like a complete princess. This look could easily become one of my favorites. It had the perfect touches of sparkle, color, and daintiness. So royal. 

Bam! This outfit was a statement. A cutout tight black dress, Tiffany sunglasses, a Kate Spade clutch, and  Louboutins. Lots of brands, but boy did this minimalistic high end look make me feel like a million dollars! 

This outfit resolved around the perfect striped summer crop top from The Shopping Bag. It was a bit nautical looking, but still is a casual and cute everyday look that I might just wear again this summer! 

Rawr! This Avril Lavigne rocker chic look made me feel like a punk rock princess (hence the tiara...). The Fancy shirt from Abercrombie & Fitch was made to give off a total edgy vibe when paired with the studded necklace from The Shopping Bag!

Girly, everyday look that made me want to try any possible vibrant lipstick possible. Honestly, if I could pull off a Taylor Swift effortless red lip with this lipstick tank, then the outfit would have been even better!

So. Much. Sparkle. This birthday outfit took the cake for my over the top and extravagant sequin and sparkle ensemble. Literally, from head to toe I felt like a disco ball in the sequined romper. It was a dream come true. 

I'm vogue-ing. Literally. This DIY Vogue crop top made me feel like a trendy street fashion gal about to hit the streets of NYC. The sparkles and European-esque heels just pulled the outfit together incredibly. 

So much color! This vibrant look made me feel like a mystical traveling garden. The bright blue pumps made my love for shoes (especially heels - lets be honest) become even stronger! I could really use this sunny look admit all this cold right now!

The three C's that are essential for a fantastic Halloween? Couture, candy, and confetti. This Candy Crush inspired look had me falling into a candy wonderland. The bright yellow dress I was wearing made me feel like a bright sun...or a sugary lemon drop!

You don't really hear about miracles coming true on Halloween often, but in this outfit post I transformed myself into a Moschino Barbie! I was tickled pink (ha!) by the fact I was wearing head to toe current Moschino. The fact that it was all pink is just an added bonus for this girly girl.

This high fashion post all put together by a simple little black dress from Etsy really opened my eyes to how easily such a simple clothing piece can be transformed with the right accessories (and shoes!). 

I hope that your 2014 was wonderful and your 2015 be even more grand! If you want any links to the products in these posts, just click each title so you can replicate my style this year! 

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